We believe the greatest standard in which we can hold ourselves to, is the beauty and perfection of nature. This belief guides us to be consistently working with our natural systems and cycles. Our designs function both for the user and the environment; which requires an understanding of how what we do affects, and fits in contextually with our surroundings. This is why we consistently utilize the benefits of native plants, and always design with a sensitivity towards storm water management.


One of the most integral steps in our design/build process is getting to know our clients. We like to think of ourselves as “approachable”, and we take the time to listen and learn about whom we are collaborating with. Once we get to know who you are, we then learn about your site. We perform an inventory and analysis of your soils, sun/shade/wind exposure, existing features, storm water drainage, and potential for sustainable enhancements.


During the preliminary and conceptual design phase, our designers will begin to develop the projects main forms, features, and general layout. This initial proposal will then be presented with drawings, image edits, and an overall project budget. Once the budget and main project components are approved, we will make refinements and specify materials. The design phase will continue as an iterative, evolving process until all project details have been addressed.


Once the final design is approved, a clearly written, detailed contract will be presented along with an installation schedule, and full explanation of the build process. As professional landscape contractors, our build practices are just as meticulous, thoughtful, and well crafted as our designs. The project's foreman will keep you informed and updated as the work progresses, and our designers will also periodically check-in to ensure the designs integrity.

Post Construction

After your project is completed, you will be provided with plant care guidelines and suggested maintenance practices. We will also follow up periodically throughout the season, and once more the following season for a post construction evaluation.

We do offer as-needed and long-term maintenance programs. These can be custom tailored for each project and client, and are highly recommended to ensure your new landscape reaches its full potential.

We take great pride in our work and we’ll do anything to make sure our clients are not only satisfied but absolutely in love with everything that we do!

Remember! Though we are committed to our tried and true methods, our design process is flexible and can be altered to accommodate your timeline and specific needs.
  • Patios / Walkways/Retaining Walls
  • Permeable Paving
  • Small Scale Site Design - Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Property Master Planning
  • Low Maintenance Plant Design
  • Rock Gardens & Outcropping
  • Water Features
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Annual and Seasonal Container Plantings
  • Green Roofs & Walls
  • Bank Stabilization & Restoration
  • Rain Garden / Bio-Swales Storm Water Management & Harvesting

Our ultimate goal is to design and build an enduring space, which has meaning, and a true sense of place for you and your family. We will not be satisfied until we can leave a project knowing we have improved the landscape and the lives of those engaging it on a daily basis.

"Those who seek beauty, will find it"
—Bill Cunningham