We are passionate
about what we do,
and take great pride
in our work.

We are also all here to make a difference, and recognize the importance of our work. We take sustainability and environmental stewardship very seriously! We believe if we were all more closely connected to our environment this world would be an even better place, and we’re out to prove it!

Landscaping Today for Tomorrow.

Erik Ringstrand

Owner + Operator

Erik built this company from the ground up, with some serious help from friends and family! Erik’s superhuman work ethic and will to contribute to a better world has led him to his true calling - landscaping. He also has a passion for philanthropy and often donates his heart, mind, and skills to those in need. He is a man of many hats, but his main focus lies in our field operations, tree care division, and the overseeing of all RLS employees.

Erik also…

  • Loves to climb trees
  • Thinks Da Bears will win the Super Bowl every year no matter what (something he’s willing to bet on...)
  • Must be outside - every day
  • Has been to the Gorge
  • Helped rebuild New Orleans with his bare hands

Brandon Losey

Designer + Sustainability Director

Brandon graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelors in landscape architecture in 2010, and decided working for Ringers would be his opportunity for maximum impact, fun, and creative freedom. While at Iowa State, Brandon was the recipient of the American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award and Presidents Medal for leadership and academic excellence in landscape architecture. This success and leadership has carried over into his work at Ringers as a designer, marketing/social media coordinator, and sustainability guru.

Brandon also...

  • Just got a new skateboard
  • Is a music junkie
  • Shreds
  • Wants to be an organic farmer
  • Will use his two weeks’ vacation answering the call of the wild (or going to weddings...)

Megan Bradburn

Designer + Administrator

Megan is from St. Charles, IL and graduated from Iowa State University with her bachelor’s in landscape architecture in 2010, and officially joined Ringers in early 2012. Megan’s true passion is in plant design and exploring new plant combinations and varieties. She appreciates the art of hand rendering and “old school” drafting, but is also a wiz on the computer. She also has an awesome sense of humor, a great eye for photography, and really enjoys talking with our clients!

Megan also…

  • Is nerdy about plants
  • May have coined the term “sawesome” (so awesome)
  • Still says her favorite documentary is The Office
  • Pins daily
  • Is a jetsetter
  • Will spend her two weeks' vacation "lake housing it up"
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